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Project Description
This project helps users migrating their files from Amazon Web Services S3 to Azure Blob Storage.

How to use:

AWSS3ToAzureBlob.exe -azaccount <Azure Storage Account> -azkey <Azure Storage Key> -azcontainer <Azure Container Name> -awskeyid <AWS Key ID> -awskey <AWS Key> -awsbucket <AWS Bucket Name> -awsexpiry <AWS Expiry>
  • -azaccount: Destination Azure Storage account name
  • -azkey: Destination Azure Storage account key
  • -azcontainer: Destination Azure Storage Container name
  • -awskeyid: AWS key id to access S3 source files
  • -awskey: AWS key to access S3 source files
  • -awsbucket: AWS S3 Bucket name
  • -awsexpiry: Number in minutes to a AWS S3 pre signed url to expire

This project uses the following components:
  • Amazon Web Services SDK for .NET (
  • Azure Storage SDK (
  • MOQ (4.2.1402.2112)

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